Redeemer Family Resource Centre

About Us

The Redeemer community in the late 1990’s consisted of a large sprawling local authority estate (600 houses) along with several private estates. There were no services or supports in place to serve this community of young families and elderly people. A community center which was a one activity building was the only “amenity” available.

A group of concerned activists got together and decided that something needed to be done. A Feasibility Study was commissioned to ascertain the needs of the people in the area.

Following on from a Feasibility Study undertaken by Maynooth College in 1996, A plan of action by a cross section of people from the Redeemer area was successful in obtaining funding from various sources to completely renovate and refurbish the then community center. This resulted in many projects and services being assisted to provide for the needs of the community which were unavailable up to that point. A substantial bank loan was also secured and this was successfully paid back.

The new building was opened in October 2001.

The Redeemer Family Resource Center today provides many different services and supports to the people of the local area and beyond. It is a vibrant and thriving hub in the center of the community.

The objects for which the company is established are to provide, and to facilitate the provision of, services to public in the areas of, education and public health, social welfare, cultural development and recreational facilities whether by the provision of premises or of human or material resources for the generation and implementation of initiatives aimed at fostering and nurturing opportunities for personal and community development and enhancing the quality of individuals' lives and of civic life for the public at large or for particular groups or categories of the public.